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CDBurnerXP suddnely won't let my burn without pauses


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I'm trying to burn an audio disc from mp3s, and I am encountering a new problem I never had in the past (I have been using this program for awhile and it has worked flawlessly for me for a long time).

First off, I should note that for several months, I have been getting this message when I choose "Burn audio disc": "BASS_ACC: Incorrect BASS.DLL version (2.3 is required)." I had been able to click "OK" and continue fine to make functional CDs.

Today I tried to burn a recent mp3 album I downloaded direct from an indie label (official stuff), and I noticed a couple of odd things. First, after I added the files to burn the green bar that appears at the bottom of the application that showed the runtime of the album was all scrunched to the left and not filling the bottom bar, yet it read "66min:39sec." I selected the "burn" button and left my usual settings, including "no pause between tracks" and I got an error message saying "Your burning device does not support the disc-at-once mode (without pauses between tracks). Choose the track-at-once mode (pause between tracks) instead." I have never seen this message and I have always been able to burn CDs without pauses.

I did try to download the latest version of "CDBurnerXP" to fix this, but the same thing happened again (all of it). Can anyone help me fix this?

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I tried both. All I had to do was copy the new DLL file and paste that in the CDBurnerXP folder, right? Not all those other folders that appeared with it when I unzipped that bundle? Well, with just that file, it worked. I did not get that error message. However, I still got the error message that said I could not burn a CD without pauses. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling. The DLL error appeared again. I copied your DLL file again, and I continued. Still, I got the error not permitting me to burn a CD without pauses. What else might be wrong?

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