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Guest wudd

Above device isn't detected, it's not on compability list and I'm relly disappointed since that is one of most available devices on the market.

OS is Win7 HP 64bit, platform is AMD based, so I can't handle with NeroBurnRights or the Intel stuff. AMD Raid isn't really available.

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Guest Hufos


had the same problem today (OS Win7 prof., AMD based platform) This must be a bug, because i´ve tried Nero BurnLite 10 and this software works fine with this burner.

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[ Solved ]

Issue GH22NS50 not been seen by CDBurnerXP on a Ausus Crossair Formula III running Windows 7 64bit, and a AMD Phenom II x4 955 cpu.

On the above motherboard Sata ports 1-6 were set to AHCI mode, to get the GH22Ns50 to work correctly you need the sata port in IDE mode.

Connect the GH22NS50 to Sata port 5 and in the BIOS set ports 5 & 6 to IDE,leaveing Sata ports 1 - 4 in AHCI mode. Reboot and windows 7 will install new hardware drivers and your GH22NS50 will work work CDBurnerXP.

Hope this helps someone.

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Guest lordawe

But I want to use AHCI. Can it be fixed? Unfortunatelly, I will use another free burning software until CDBurnerXP is fixed. :(:(:(

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