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Always must login twice to forum ???

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It seems I must always log in twice to the forum.

After I login first, I am listed in the "Users online" list, but the " Log out [ xerces8 ]" link is not shown in the upper right menu, but "Login" instead. Then I log in again ( with the same username and password ) and then it works OK.



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Well, that happens to me sometimes too. I use to stay logged in anyway so it doesn't happen that often that I have to login. Maybe changing some cookie settings might help.

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Here is a talk I had with a phpBB guru on IRC :

[xerces8] There is a phpBB 2.0.8 site, where users must login twice, to get in. Already reported as bugs 2064 and 2294. The site I use is http://www.cdburnerxp.se/forum/'> any clues how ti fix it. It is very annoying.

1) It is not a bug. The bug tracker should not have been used.

2) It should be upgraded to phpBB 2.0.10.

*** WyriHaximus (~cees-jan@213-132-184-2.multikabel.nl) has left IRC []

3) Your cookie domain/path settings in the configuration menu of the admin panel are wrong.

[xerces8] Who said that I admin that site ? ;-)

Then why are you here? What can we do for you? ;)

[xerces8] Help me to help the admin to fix it :-)


See point 2 and 3 in that case then.

[xerces8] I am viewing the cookies in my browser and their path is "/". Is that wrong =


* xerces8 remembers seeing something about this in the FAQ ...

[xerces8] Eh, what would be right ?

The domain should be ".cdburnerxp.se", the path should be "/forum/".

[xerces8] 10x , I'll tell the forum admin .

I believe the mentioned settings are in Admin->General Configuration->Cookie settings

Hope this helps.


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It seems the login works now correctly !

Great !


Hmm, I noticed, that I never get e-mail notification, although I set the "Notify me when a reply is posted" when posting a message. Does it work for others ?



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