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Cue sheet method: Split of provided WAV is incorrect

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When CDBurnerXP splits WAV files into separate files according to a cue sheet, the resulted Audio CD is not correct. The split procedure seems to be incorrect. I am working with version I wanted to burn an Audio CD without gaps between the tracks, as I have a live concert recording. To avoid problems with the inaccuracies of my drive, I planned to burn the entire recording as one file, but introducing titles with the help of a cue sheet. Everyting was prepared with Audacity and by now I have proofed that the cue sheet is correct and identical with the timing displayed in Audacity. The marks of the title separation is exactly on the frame basis to allow an accurate jump to any of the titles. CDBurnerXP generates its (temporary) wav files by splitting the wav-file I provided. Unfortunately the resulted Audio CD is not correct. Importing the generated files back into Audacity shows me that the length is incorrect. Hence, the splitting function does not work correctly. In any case the procedure of splitting an audio file is contraproductive to the idea to gain a perfectly continuous recording on an Audio CD. Just the entries of the cue sheet and the entire audio file should be burned! Anybody who wants to dedicate his/her time in fixing this bug is invited to contact me. I will provide the examplary audio project files with which I encountered the problems. However, CDBurnerXP should provide the possibility to burn without splitting the provided file. Otherwise the program cannot be considered for (audiophile) quality continuous recordings. :-(

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You can always burn the file as a whole, but this will obviously only result in a single track on the disc.


If you believe that the file is split incorrectly, please provide me with a sample and actual+expected outcome.

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