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How do I Successfully Create a Bootable Disc?

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Guest Itay


I am trying to create a simple Boot Disc,

not for installing Windows from it, but just a DOS Boot Disc so I can run some programs in the AUTOEXEC.BAT of it.

I went to the help of this site, and got to the "Bootable disc" Help Page:


It gives there a link to a simple Boot Image that we can Download:


I downloaded it, and then in CDBurnerXP, I pressed the Burn button,

chose "Boot Options...",

pointed to that .IMA file I just downloaded,

set the emulation type to Floppy 2.88MB,

Burnt it,

but when I restart my PC, it did not load, and instead my Windows XP loaded(from my HDD).

I should mention that my bios is set to boot from CD First..

and I tested it with a bootable cd that I have, and it works fine.

so it's not a BIOS problem.

What am I doing wrong?

I did not change any other setting in the "Boot Options..." window, besides the Image file, and Emulation Type(Floppy 2.88MB).

anyone knows what else I need to do?

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Guest Itay


I have a veryimportant UPDATE.

I tried to download another CD Burning application, in this case InfraRecorder.

I tried burning the mentioned Floppy Image file using InfraRecorder,

and after I restarted my PC, it succeeded!!!

without touching any of the settings..

Just Setting the Boot Image and that's it.

Now my question is:

Since I like CDBurnerXP more than InfraRecorder,

why can't I succeed burning a Bootable DOS Disc in CDBurnerXP?

I would like to be able to do anything in 1 application..

and not have to use 2 :|

Please help me..

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Hello Flo and thank you very much for your reply

I would just like to say that it's not just my issue:

when searching the forum here for bootable discs, many people have such problem - the bootable disc doesn't boot,

and they were offered to try different parameters, and none helped.

and the problem is not with my PC - when I used another application(InfraRecorder) it succeeded ont he first try,

without changing any default parameters..

I would suggest that if you the developers can find out which settings actually work, and then make them the default,

it would then save the users alot of hassle.

After using CDBurnerXP quite a while I can tell it's a great program, but the bootable part has been neglected.. probably because the developers never needed it, so they never experimented with it..

Please do, it would be great to have CDBurnerXP perfect for any need..

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Guest Itay

Hello Trogdor

Please note that I am not talking about burning a Bootable ISO.

Burning a Bootable ISOs works fine.

I am talking about creating a "Data CD", then making it Bootable, via supplying a Floppy Image of a boot diskette.

When I try this with CDBurnerXP, the created CD does not boot.

And when I tried this with InfraRecorder, the created CD boot perfectly.

I did not even have to change any of the default settings, when in the Boot screen there.

So it would be great if CDBurnerXP can be fixed, so the Bootable CDs it creates, will boot successfully as should.

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