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A few bugs in Win 7 64bit version...

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In the latest 64bit minimal version:

1) Some times, when I try to close the program with a compilation that I haven't saved, though I've chosen in the settings not to be asked if I want to save it, I get the pop-up window which asks me to specify where to save the project. It is solved if I go to the settings, select to be asked if I want to save an unsaved project when I close the program, and, when I get questioned, select not to be asked again.

2) When I insert a media, and get the windows auto-run options, and select to burn the disc with cdburnerxp, the program window to select a task (burn data, music, erase disc etc) appears, but the option to burn a data disc is selected by its-self. I can't select another option. This doesn't happen when I open the program normally.

3) when I burn a double layer dvd with files less than its max capacity (7,95GB), e.g 5GB, and chose the disc to be closed (not to be able to add other files later), when the disc is finalized, it's all burned making the same time to complete, as when I burn 7,95GB of files. The disc is all burned.

Do these happen to anyone else? :(

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I think I was pretty clear... I'm not dump.

I said: "though I've chosen in the settings not to be asked if I want to save it..."

So, even though I choose NOT to be asked again whether to save the project or not, I always get the pop-up window, asking to specify the project's file name. Not if I want to save it or not.

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...and another one I forgot to mention:

When I rename 2 files I'm about to burn, the one of them doesn't appear in the burned disc. I've only tried this with 2 (any) files, and it always happens. I'm not sure if it happens with more. What's wrong?

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