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cue sheets, CD-Text and WAVs ...

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i have a DJ mix ive created, which i have exported from audacity. i have a cue sheet which i have imported, burnt the disc and all went smoothly.


none of the disc or track info i entered has been added to the tracks/disc. playing it in windows media player or whatever, i expected to see my name, title of the disc and the info for each track as it was playing. all i get is 'unknown artist, unknown album' and 'unknown track' for all the data. obviously not what id like ideally as id prefer to have my name and data attached to the disc.

is there something obvious i am missing? or can this only be done with mp3's or something? interestingly, editing the 'cd-text' for each track within the compilation shown as being edited within the popup box but NOT within the bottom window (where you drag stuff to) - for some reason they all remained as 'Track-1, Track-2' etc even though id changed them.

any ideas?



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