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When burning a DVD -R Reports that media is not compatable

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But if I use +R media it is OK?

Running on Dell Lattitude D830 with XP Pro SP3

DVD is TSSTcorp DVD+-RW TS-L632H firmware version DW30

Have used the -R media with CDBurnerXP elsewhere with no problems

Other -R media on this drive also brings up this problem

Nothing is written to the DVD

The drive is new, as a replacement to the previous drive (of the same type) which also exhibited the same problem

Have in the past burn a DVD of around 2gig with no problem to -R media, but always fails on over 4.2ish gig

The firmware version is the latest version, my original drive had an earlier version, which I upgraded to DW30

This points, I know, to the firmware upgrade being the problem, but maybe it is also something to do with CDBurnerXP?

Unfortunately I didn't record the version of firmware before upgrade

The upgrade file was downloaded from the DELL website, it was to add support for DVD-RAM

The new drive has been supplied with the latest firmware version installed

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The log file does not help in this case unfortunately. What does "Show details" say? Also, an experiment you could try is to save the data compilation as ISO file and then burn it using the ISO burning functionality of CDBurnerXP.

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I didn't mention that prior to upgrading this DVD to the latest firmware I was able to burn -R disks


OK have created an ISO image from a collection and burnt it succesfully to a -R disk, this is the same collection that resulted in the above dialogue when I tried to burn it directly.



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OK I have now downgraded the firmware of the DVD to DW10 A07 and it now works again, so the latest firmware is not compatable with CDburnerXP



PS Thanks for a simple to use CD/DVD Burner

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