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[C]An Error report where there shouldnt be an error reported

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If you drag a folder over to the audo window which contains a cue list as well as the files you get the prompt "this already contains blah blah" etc if i tick do this for all following conflicts and then click do not add track. It should just put the files in that was in the cd folder and ignore the cue sheet. However it brings up an error box with export or close, here is the error

[VA] Clubland_18-3CD.cue Length cannot be less than zero.

Parameter name: length D:\Azureus Downloads\VA - Clubland 18 (3CD) (2010) - Copy\CD2\[VA] Clubland_18-3CD.cue

it should ignore the cue. I just told it to and just parse the mp3s.

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I could not reproduce your problem so far. Is it related to the CUE sheet?

Note that "do not add the track again" does not mean that no cue sheet should be processed.

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Ive uploaded the cue sheet causing the problem this happens on a few they contain

F I L E " ( 0 2 ) [ C a s c a d a ] N i g h t N u r s e . m p 3 " M P 3

T R A C K 0 2 A U D I O

T I T L E " N i g h t N u r s e "

P E R F O R M E R C a s c a d a

I N D E X 0 1 0 0 : 0 0 : 0 0

i presume its the index 01 00:00:00 length problem

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