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[C] .nra import funnies

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I've just tried to import a Nero .nra file, and had two odd effects

a) Only 12 of the 17 tracks were added. The missing ones seem to be those with certain characters ('.', 'Ł', '’') in their filenames (or perhaps in the track title, the same text is in both)

B) The track titles are not imported. The track titles are set to the first word of the filenames.

The files referred to by the .nra file are

01 Hymn - On Jordan’s bank.wav

02 Łukaszewski - Ave Maria.wav

03 Organ solo.wav

04 Lloyd - Kindle a light.wav

05 Hymn - Once in Royal David's city.wav

06 Eccard - Resonet in laudibus.wav

07 Darke - In the bleak midwinter.wav

08 arr. Woodward - Laissez paître vos bêtes.wav

09 Hymn - While shepherds watched.wav

10 Bruch - Wiegenlied der Hirten.wav

11 Organ solo.wav

12 Sandström - Det är en ros utsprungen.wav

13 Hymn - Unto us is born a Son.wav

14 Byrd - Laetentur coeli.wav

15 arr. Jaques - Rejoice and be merry.wav

16 Hymn - Hark the herald.wav

17 arr. Wilcox - Sussex Carol.wav

In each case the track title in the .nra file is the part after the track number (e.g. "Hymn - On Jordan’s bank", "Łukaszewski - Ave Maria").

I can send you the .nra file if you wish -- the forum wouldn't accept it as an attachment to this post.

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Thanks. Even though I used the same code for NRA import as a dedicated NRA importer I found on the internet, it seems to be a bit buggy. I rewrote the code for the next version now, should work reliably for all file names.

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I've just installed the new version ( and although it does now import all 17 tracks, it still doesn't import the titles from the Nero file. I've attached screen shots of the file opened in Nero and imported into CDBXP.[attachment=1]nero.png[/attachment][attachment=0]cdbxp.png[/attachment]Am I doing something wrong?

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