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What to do if your drive is not detected (especially Win7)

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Hello Gents and Ladies,

I am not having any difficulties as of yet except for experimentation purposes I tried to burn some software I had in a "Temp" folder. I never filled in any of the boxes under the "New Compilation" but after the burning process, the icon of the lock that turns with the icon of the CD just kept going on and on. It never quit. Is this a bug or has the software just not identified the end of the process?

Also, the software does appear to be a viable piece of programming and I'm impressed.

Another item is that I could not locate a help file for the version I downloaded. One other item I might add is I am not new to forums such as this but I haven't used one since the Direct TV era so if I screw up, please excuse my mistakes untill I get used to this type communication again.



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