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Big problems with latest version - x64

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I cannot write any double layer media with the latest version of CDBurnerXP - X64

-Media used and destroyed - Memorex and Verbatim DL - 8,5GB , 8X max. writting speed. (5 pieces destroyed)

-optical drive - LG GH22NS40

Solution for this problem - i reverted back to version , and everything works fine. I wrote 7 discs with this version and no problem.

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But only with the latest version it happen to me this... I use CDBurnerXP to write DL discs for two years ago and now it is the first time when was happened to me . I don't know what to say... For the moment only previous version works fine with DL media.

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Guest Cunhell

Happens to me, too.

Used the latest version of cdburnerxp to burn DVD-DL on different Computers. All DVD-DL were destroyed. I have used the same media before and had no problems at all. First of all I thought it might be the media but now I am pretty sure that those are not the cause of the problems.

I have burned 2 DVD-DL using Knoppix-Linux 6.2 on the same machine and had no problem at all. So my burner-media-combination has proved to work together.

I had an other problem before when I have created iso-images of DVD's. They were no valid images.

All that happens with the latest versions. I had no problems with older versions and i am using cdburnerxp for quite a while now.

I am not quite sure but I think the problems began, when the installer started to install cdburnerxp in the "program files" and not into "program files(x86)" folder.

I am using Windows 7 x64 with the latest patches and drivers. Intel core i5-750 on p55-based mother board.

Kind regards


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Guest Cunhell

Hi Flo,

I did some testing. Changing the versions of cdburnerxp has following results:

The oldest one -> ok

the second oldest -> ok

and the 64bit version of the newest one -> ok

After restoring an disk image which included the version (newest 32bit (without x64 in it's name)) that showed the problems -> ok

All those tests were done with the TDK medias which caused problems before

I did some testing on my notebook which showed the same errors using cdburnerxp and the TDK medias, too.

Using the TDK's with a different burn program -> bad

Using a different type of media (Intenso DVD-RL) showed no problems at all.

I my case, I am not totally sure, but it seems to me that my TDK DVD-RL-pack had serveral (first 6 out of 10) bad medias included.

The last 4 worked. I never had such a bad pack once before. :shock:

I will buy some verbatim DVD-DL medias next time

I will update this threat if I get the same problems with those verbatim medias again.

Best Regards


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I have the same problem with verbatim too. I am 99% shure this is not related to media quality or compatibility because, with older version of cdburnerXP i not destroyed any DL media untill now...

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