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problem w/ dates when using a "compilation"

Guest epgeek

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Guest epgeek

I am trying to set up a repetitive job to burn my backup files to dvd every Friday. The file creation date (in the attributes) changes daily to reflect the current daily creation. There are four backup files, and they are stored in separate folders. I built a "compilation" that includes the four folders, because I did not expect the folder dates to change. When I ran the compilation today it burned the four folders and their file contents as expected. When reviewing the result, I saw that it had burned the four folders with the included backup files as expected. The backup files were from this mornings backup, and they seemed to be correct in terms of content. Unfortunately the creation date put on the burned file copies matched the folder creation date as opposed to to the correct date (today) that was on the original file.???? Why would the burn not carry over the correct attribute date?? but instead use the date from the initial compilation??

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