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Guest hermie

DVD-RW/+RW content

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Guest hermie

After giving up the over 1GB Nero, I found the CDBurnerXP to be a nice software worth trying out. So far so good, just one annoying thing which could be in the settings or perhaps I just haven't stumbled into the solution yet. I burn a lot of DVD-RW/+RW TV shows. Every time I insert a DVD-RW/+RW media, CDBurnerXP would add the disk contents on top of what I have selected to burn. Are there setting I need to check/uncheck to allow for simply ignore the content on the DVD-RW/+RW media and just burn over it. (i.e. 1. confirm delete, 2. format, then burn the content in one step) Right now, I have to erase the RW, then wait. It seems like that could be just one single step.

Good things do come in small sizes...Thanks for your help.


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Guest dlamerato

I agree,

Not really, a reply...but just to agree and second your comments and concern.

Also, would like to add my own frustration with the amount of time it takes to erase a DVD.

The CD erase works perfectly. The "quick erase" on a DVD +RW screws up the my discs.

The "thorough erase" works sometime, but takes forever to complete. I noticed that the

program says DVD -RW and I use DVD +RW. I am unaware of a difference between +/- when it comes

to RW. But, maybe there is a difference. I am searching now to find a store to purchase -RW to try out

to see if this solves the time and/or lockup problems. If there is a difference, can I help with the code

to on future updates to add handling of +RW media?

Not degrading CDburner.... because I love it so much, I would like to help it grow even better. Without becoming

a "Roxio Bloatware Production (ie. take over and hook into the whole operating system) " , of course.

Dave L.

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Guest dlamerato

Okay - I purchased some dvd-rw and they seem to erase better than the dvd+rw.

-RW DVD discs erase very well with our CDBurner program.

+RW gives me problems with erase, although writing to them is okay.

I could not do quick erase on the + plus rw without ruining the disc. Through seemed

to work sometimes on the + plus rw.

Now trying the - minus RW.... quick erase works good. Then I can even write over the whole

disc without during a thourgh erase. So, I guess that what is supported as indicated -RW is the


I use the RW discs to store alternating set of 3 month backups and complete image of computers.

So, I erase and write over a set of four discs every 6 months.

Also, we use the RW to store recorded TV movies and shows for future use. Then erase them

after watching.


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