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cdbxpcmd.exe Creating ISO image error HRESULT: 0x80040275

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(I'm sorry for my poor English )

Hello. I've got a problem.

I backup my system data in the first day of every month.(creating DVD ISO image files)

The command-line is:

cdbxpcmd.exe --burn-data -folder[\TEMP\20101201]:D:\TEMP\20101201 -folder[\TEMP\20101202]:D:\TEMP\20101202 -folder[\TEMP\20101203]:D:\TEMP\20101203 -folder[\TEMP\20101206]:D:\TEMP\20101206 -folder[\TEMP\20101207]:D:\TEMP\20101207 -folder[\TEMP\20101208]:D:\TEMP\20101208 -folder[\TEMP\20101209]:D:\TEMP\20101209 -name:M201012-1 -iso:G:\M201012-1.iso

The error message is

"Creating ISO image at G:\M201012-1.iso, 95358 Files, Size: 3.90 GB

An error occured while executing the command: Ausnahme von HRESULT: 0x80040275"

If I changed command-line like this

cdbxpcmd.exe --burn-data -folder[\TEMP\20101201]:D:\TEMP\20101201 -folder[\TEMP\20101202]:D:\TEMP\20101202 -folder[\TEMP\20101203]:D:\TEMP\20101203 -folder[\TEMP\20101206]:D:\TEMP\20101206 -folder[\TEMP\20101207]:D:\TEMP\20101207 -name:M201012-1 -iso:G:\M201012-1.iso

The message is

Creating ISO image at G:\M201012-1.iso, 68771 Files, Size: 2.84 GB






It works.

Is too much files ? or other problem ?

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Guest Est2

Same error. I tried to burn video DVD.

Error log (log of 1 burning and burning tries; first one was almost OK, except that some clips seem to not work):

I had total of 3 DVD's. The first one was OK, second one gave error, but after shutting down program and trying some times more it finally wrote, but it seems to me that it's faulty (some clips of video doesn't work). Third one gave also error. The error also said that CD/DVD may be faulty, but 2 DVD's in row...coincidence?


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Guest Est2

Same thing with third DVD. About 15 clips are on DVD, but most of them aren't readable (VLC media player doesn't play them and doesn't give any errors)..

Clips are all the same (first, second, third DVD).


I'm using it on Windows XP SP3. So I'm not using command line (forgot to mention it).

Verison is .

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