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Errors in Dutch translation

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  • The Dutch word for "to copy" is kopiëren and not kopieëren like it is used on several places
    Main window: the stem of "kopiëren" in kopieer (without diaeresis); also used on other places
    In the main window; it is "audio- en dataschijven"; - forgotten
    Main window: dataschijf and audioschijf are one word (opposite to English)
    In dropdown menu's combinations with "schijf" are written as two words, but it is schijfinformatie and schijfnaam without a space.
    This also holds als for the word stationsinformatie which is wrong with a space in it.
    The word "bestand" is misspelled as "besetand" in a dropdown menu.
    The word "beeldbestand" is spelled as "beeld-bestand"; it is correct, but the "-" is superflues.
    In a tab I saw the English word "Options" should de "Opties"
    In the window for "opties", "dataopties" and schijfopties" are one word
    It is "laatstgekozen" without space
    "Datacompilatie", "Cuebestand", "bestandssysteemlimitaties", "bestandshernoemacties" are one word
    It is "Audio-CD" with a hyphen according to the van Dale dictionary
    And "Video-DVD-layout"

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kopieëren -> kopiëren

dropdown menu:

schijf informatie -> schijfinformatie

instellen schijf naam -> naam van de schijf instellen

nieuwe directorie -> nieuwe map


automatically cache files from network locations (not translated) ->

bestanden van netwerk locaties automatisch cachen

erase disc window:

for belangrijke gegevens -> voor belangrijke gegevens

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