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Spanning and DXP Files

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This question is similar to the posts of mid-2010 concerning editing of the discs generated using the disc spanning feature. Perhaps this would make a simple solution to the problem:

Would it be too difficult to add a "Save DXP..." option to the Disc Spanning menu to go along with the "Save ISO" and "Burn" options?

I have found the spanning feature as it exists to be very useful in automatically organizing a large number files, but frequently I have need to perform minor edits to those discs. These include things like relabeling the name of the disc to match a particular format or removing individual files that should be included in one set but not another. For the latter, I am not concerned about the wasted space on the disc.

The way I've been working around this is to use the spanning tool to create ISO images. I mount these through DaemonTools to observe the structure. I then manually rebuild the structure for each disc within CDBurnerXP, changing the disc name and making the edits necessary to omit those files that should not be on a particular version of the disc.

If the spanned structure could be saved as a DXP, it would eliminate the mounting and manual reconstruction effort. CDBurnerXP would then essentially be doing most, but not all, of the labor for me. The layouts produced could then be loaded for edits.

Of course any generated table of contents files would be out of sync, but since I'm making manual variants, I don't turn on that feature in the first place. And if I were silly and proceeded to add data to the disc exceeding the disc size, that is my fault. CDBurnerXP produced a working DXP but I'm the one who messed it up.

Is saving a DXP file a reasonable thing to implement?

Thanks for reading!

ps. I've not seen a similar suggestion elsewhere after several searches in this forum. I hope this is not a repeat. If it is, my apologies. I tried.

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