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devTrackingServoFailure could not write to disc

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I got this error while trying to burn a DL DVD:

"devTrackingServoFailure could not write to disc"

The media used is: Memorex 8X DL

The drive is an LG GH20NS15

I was burning the drive at the maximum which is 8X (however, if I lookup the specs of the drive, its supposedly 12X)

Is this is a sign that my drive is bad or is the media bad?

ps: searching for this error returned nothing, which has me worried.

pss: searching for my drive on this forum returns nothing, which also has me double worried :)

psss: I can't burn using Nero 6 either

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I was able to burn a DL 8X DVD just a few moments ago, by simply taking 8GB of data from my hard drive (I was able to read data from it).

This afternoon, I was trying to burn an .iso image. This .iso image couldn't be opened (or mounted) using Power ISO (gave me an error), but could be opened through WinRAR (weird).

Now, I wonder, could a bad .iso give me this error?

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I'm going to try out a few DL .iso to see what happens. I did do a Google search using "tracking servo error dvd" and found other possible causes.

This drive is new and if it wasn't for the fact that the case fell on it's side the other day (it was on the floor while moving and my son knocked it down), I wouldn't be doubting the operational status of it.

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