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OpenCandy and Panda antivirus

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Flo just recommened this to a friend and he carnt even install it. Recognised as spyware adaware in the installer for cdxp. Made me look a bit of a fool for him.

Whats going on? mse flags you as spyware / adaware and wont install and panda flag it and wont allow your program to install.

its now been added here

http://malwarebulletin.com/2011/02/11/c ... f-updates/

I should have used OpenCandy in the first place. It works well, is really easy to set up and generates a remarkable amount of revenue. Not to mention the friendly and supporting people behind the scenes.” Florian Schmitz

sorry flo but its marring an excellent program.

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Guest Mutsy

yup - I can confirm - just after download Adware:Win32/OpenCandy popped up in MS essentials.

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