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  1. I tryed the version 2 beta , but it still doesnt work
  2. Just post in "Post-it ...would like to translate" just on the top ,in this section ! and say you want to translate in to Norsk. Ha det
  3. Well i tryed everything to make it work on my computer...with no success , so i ll test the traduction on another computer...Sorry I didnt found the problem Guess there is something missing in my OS regestry
  4. I cant find the solution to my problem It still doesnt launch Sorry !!! But I tried different things , I m not an super expert for these sort of things.
  5. I tried on an other computer and CDBXPP worked fine , so I guess I ve got a big problem with mine I even try the .NET SDK , but no result for me.
  6. I m watching on other forum, and it seems I m not the only one that doesnt have the Jit Debugger !!! So I hope to find the solution .
  7. I created the "key" ...but now when I launch the program , I just dont have the error message anymore , but the program doesnt launch eigther I will try on another computer tomorrow ! Thanks anyway
  8. Noop ,here s what I have , i even reinstalled 2 times , but no I still dont have
  9. Well there is something very strange , I dont have "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\.NETFramework\DbgJITDebugLaunchSetting." in my regestry ...it stops at ".NETFramework. No sign of "DbgJITDebugLaunchSetting" !!!! ???? Makes me mad
  10. Hi Flo ! I think I did once, yes , why ? I also have Java 2 Runtime but dont know if that s the problem
  11. Well I tried the englisn Net 1.1 and its still doesnt work , I always get the error messages. Anyone have a solution ? Thx
  12. I downloaded the one said in forum "netframework 1.1" french.. Is the english version different ? I ll give a try to see
  13. I installed dotnetfx and Cd burner Xp Pro And when I start the program i get these messages ???? Whats wrong ??? What can I do to launch the program...and to make it work? Thanks in advance
  14. Hi I m here if you need me ! I can check it Hello to Colok Salut
  15. I said I can give a help in the translation of Cd Burner Xp pro for French or check it for errors. Was trying to get to the "translators" forum but dont have access. I wanted to see what was the "translation job" , to have an idea !!
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