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Compatible drive not found (Win7x64) tried many things...

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I've come across a really strange thing happen to me that leaves me quite puzzled.

I was using Win7x64 on my asus notebook with AHCI enabled, drivers used to be the ones from the asus cd.

cd burner xp found my drive and worked.

Now I have reinstalled win7x64 on my notebook and cd burner xp wont find my drive anymore.

Ive tried different SATA drivers without success.

Ive tried x64 and x32 version of cd burner xp without success.

Notebook Hardware (related to the problem):

- AMD 780G Chipset

- AMD SB700 Southbridge


Ive tried the following SATA drivers:

- MS default AHCI

- AMD SATA Controller (17.07.2009 from the CD)

- AMD SATA Controller (11.11.2010 newest from the webpage)

As mentioned before, I did not switch from native IDE to AHCI.

I also did not leave out any special software or install a new exotic software either.

I can not figure out what may be different and why it wont work anymore.

The only reason I reinstalled win7/sw was because I changed the harddrive (WD Scorpio Black 320GB to WD Scorpio Black 500GB)

Any ideas? Please help me, I really would like to keep using cdburnerxp, it is a great program and suits my needs 100% (and I cant find any other program that might do)

Thank you in advance


PS: No, I wont go native IDE

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