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CDBurnerXP preinstallation onto commercially pre-built PC's?

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I'm starting a technology services company which will mainly focus on repairing and building PC's for people, but also does wireless and home network setups. We want our PC's (both ones we build and ones we repair) to be extremely functional from the get-go while also excelling in usability. I feel that pretty much everyone agrees that the HP's and Dells of the world come with far too much software pre-installed, and this software is typically resource-heavy AND offers limited functionality in hopes that the user purchases a more "feature-complete" version. CDBurnerXP provides an excellent suite of burning tools (a disc label designer with support for LightScribe and LabelFlash would be nice, as would the ability to customize and burn DVD-player playable DVD's for movies and such), and I feel it would fill the niche of "CD\DVD authorer" on these computers pretty damn well.

Anyways, I note that the EULA for CDBurnerXP is not licensed under the General Public License, which automatically permits the request I'm about to make: Can I freely pre-install CDBurnerXP onto computers that I build and/or repair for customers of mine in a commercial capacity? IE, could I, on a PC that I build myself and receive monetary compensation for, freely pre-install CDBurnerXP on it for my customer to use?

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It is Ok, you can do that.

citing the license

"You may not distribute the software for a fee (by payment of money or otherwise, whether direct or indirect). In particular (but not limited to), you may not charge for the software to recover media costs associated with its distribution, you may not charge for a product or compilation the software is a part of, you may not provide a paid download of the software and you may not require a registration of some kind (for example, on your website) for downloading the software. As an exception to the condition above,

you may personally install the software as part of a free or paid service.

you may distribute the software along with computer hardware, as long as there is a reference to the inclusion of the software (for example, a printed logo or a desktop icon on preinstalled computer systems)."

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