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mixed mode + bootable

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Guest burner

Have a question , and think , it requires much more technical knowledge , that mine.

I can burn bootable CD and mixed mode CD successfully.

It is possible to burn bootable mixed mode CD ?

Audio track is acceptable anywhere ( any position is good for me , if playable on CD player ).

P. S. : This forum is denying link to details :-(

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Guest burner
. . . , don't think it will work.

I tried to burn something like I described , but it is not perfect.

First , I burn bootable image.

Then ( second session ) I burn audio track.

And then rest of data.

Bootable is OK.

Audio track is present , but CD player sees only first ( bootable ) track in first session ( silent play , because it is only data ).

I suspect , solution is to burn bootable image and audio track in one session.

I will try this , but I need merge bootable image and image containing audio track to one image

or edit bootable image to add audio track there.

The problem that I cannot solve is merging images this way or adding audio to image.

I think , it may be technically possible , but have found no tools that may help.

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