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CDBurner XP won't always write Data Discs

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I have been using CDBurnerXP for about six months, and I have noticed a potential problem with the "Data Disc" option. I can add files just fine, save the compilation, and start the burning process. However, the burn never properly completes. I have found that I can properly write to the same discs with the Windows XP wizard, however. The interesting note is that after CDBurnerXP fails, I think the disc is still writable, as I believe the last time this happened, I popped the disc back in and used the XP wizard, which completed. I burned the disc for a friend, who, to my knowledge, has found it to be entirely usable. This has happened in the past just about every time I tried to use the feature. I did try two discs this last time to make sure, and both failed.

I was using 52x CD-R's made by Magnavox. The error I recieved was something like "Access violation at address xXXXXXXXXX." It appeared to be referencing a location on the disc rather than in the memory. The program also suggested I was using poor quality media (which is a possibility). I recently recorded a disc only half full, and it ran to completion without error. The first disc this happened to does not seem to have a "write" pattern on the back, if you know what I mean. The disc looks as though it were never written to.

On my machine, CDBurnerXP always works fine with iso files, as I have successfully burned 30-40 of those to CDs and DVDs. (home videos/bootable discs). My system specs are below:

Windows XP, Home Edition (Version 2002), SP 3 (32 bit).

Intel Pentium E2160 (dual-core 1.80Ghz)

1gb DDR2 RAM

ASUS P5VD2-MX SE motherboard


Maybe I am just using cheap media, and it just so happened that I got two bad ones in a row, but as I never have issues with iso files, this problem seems odd. If this problem occurs again, I will update this post if it is still open.

Thank you.


The discs were burned in Finalize mode, although the last one which completed doesn't appear to have been finalized, but I don't know how to tell for sure.

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This would be a bug in the NMS burning library, but we can't expect updates there any time soon. So I cann't do anything immediately to solve your problem.

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