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[X] Outstanding security issue report, SA31949

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I suspect this has already been fixed, but I can't find it in the archive of fixed bugs. (Add http:// to the front of the URLs, the spam filter was blocking me!)



Could you please confirm that this has been fixed? (As a sysadmin I have to be very careful about the security status of software installed on my desktop!)



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This is a bug in a proprietary, unmantained library which we can do nothing to fix it, except getting rid of it, that part unfortunately is huge amount of work, afaik it implies rewritting half of the software, thing that at the moment is not feasible in anyway.

It might be possible in mid term, once development power is increased, thing that is being considered.

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OK, I see that IE now prompts before allowing the ActiveX control to run. This is good enough for me for now. Perhaps future versions could set the kill-bit on the affected ActiveX control during installation?

I did look for any existing information about the issue on your site but couldn't find the security announcement. There don't seem to be any links to it? I tried the FAQ, the Knowledge Base and the Troubleshooting section, but even knowing that it exists I can't figure out how to get to it. I also tried some searches the other day but with no luck. A list of security announcements, linked from the home page or at most one level down, might be a good idea, and if the list only has one entry so much the better. :-)


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