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[R] Wrong Modification Date

Guest Condor0086

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Guest Condor0086

* In Create a Data Disk:

- I Have a folder C:\MyProject\

- My DVD Writer unit is R:

1 - I create C:\MyProject\MyFiles\* today is Jun/20 so the Modification Date of MyFiles folder is Jun/20

2 - Drag MyFiles folder to save it in a DVD

3 - Burn the DVD, the date of R:\MyFiles is Jun/20 (All ok)

4 - Close the program (not save project)

At next day (Jun/21):

1 - Open CDB (it remember the working directory at C:\MyProject)

2 - I Create C:\MyProject\MyFiles2\* today is Jun/21 so de Modification Date of MyFiles2 folder is Jun/21

3 - Drag MyFiles2 folder to save it in a DVD

3 - Burn the DVD, the date of R:\MyFiles2 is Jun/20 (WRONG) (The Modification Hour is right, but the DATE is 20 instead 21)

Provisional workaround:

Use the "Clear" button before start a new project.


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Why does using "Clear" help? After restarting CDBXP, you should start with a new empty compilation anyway. I probably did not quite understand your steps to reproduce the issue.

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Guest Condor0086


About the "Clear" button... that does not help (my mistake, sorry). I thought it worked once, but when I repeated the next day did not work.

Right now I use the clear button, then I close the tree of the drive letter I'm working, then change the selected drive letter, restart the program and start again and then the date is correct.

The problem could be related to the fact I hold a fixed folder to work, and what I do is within it I create a new folder for each project (and delete it after burn).

To reproduce the problem is very important to make the first steps, wait until the next day (or change the date in the CPU) and then do the second part. If you do it all on the same date you can not reproduce the error.

I have reproduced this problem 20+ times so far. (CDBXP 4.3.0.x -

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Could not reproduce the issue so far, but at least with the steps mentioned above I consider the outcome you describe rather unlikely. Maybe you are doing something different, might be a good idea to post all required steps and results as screenshots.

What happens instead is that the first folder gets a new modification date assigned so that both folders have more or less the same modification date.

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