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  1. Hi! cheers for the reply! As I'm thick (!) did not get on well with audacity...sure it's simple in the right hands (!). Searched the web (using your idea-thanks!)-got a freeware prog called wave spitter-cut the WAV file in 2-very easy to use-just select the time to 'cut' the file. Copied one for my other 1/2 (2 cd-r's)-not happy because the tracks are nor separate (just one track on each as only 2 wav files!)-TYPICAL-b****y women! Never happy....so looks like I'll be creating about 18 wav files now to break the tracks up! Thanks for the help! Chris
  2. Hi all! Ok....took the audio out of a dvd concert in one WAV file. Bitrate is 1536, file size is 1.25GB. Used dvddrcypter (followed an on-line tutorial) goldwave & blaze media to pull the files out & TRY (using blaze wav compression-trying to get to 600-650mb to fit on one cd-r) to compress it to fit one cd-r. I'm a relative newbie at this but cdxppro says that the data exceeds the disc size-even using a compressed wav file (around 620 mb). Am I going about this the wrong way? How should I do this? Or will I have to split the wav file & burn on 2 cd-r-s-& if so any idea how to do this? SO frustrating-successfully got the audio out ( a feat in itself) but am stuck now-any ideas (in newbie language!). Chris
  3. Thanks all for the replies! Tried Audacity (could not understand any of it!). Think as I'm a newbie I'll give up & download the tracks separately-thanks though for your kind help! Chris
  4. Hello all! Am a 'newbie' so be gentle! GREAT programme-bit stuck on something. I've downloaded one file in MP3 audio-it's a complete album rip with all 11 tracks. When I highlight it in CDBURNER it just seems to show the 1st track (I darag & drop). Any ideas? Chris
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