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[X] Selecting Audio or Data compilation

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I burn discs fairly infrequently. Mostly these are data discs but occasionally I burn audio CDs.

On several occasions I have accidentally made and written a data compilation when I intended to do an audio one.

At present the user is asked at startup which type of compilation is desired. The application does show audio or data compilation at the very top of the screen but I find it is still easy to make my error.

Would it be possible to make it clearer which type of compilation the user is making? Maybe change the panel background for audio? Or have an Audio / Data indication with the icons above the lower panel? Maybe have a confirmation dialogue before the disc is burnt?

I feel that this is already an excellent application but think that a few minor alterations would improve it.


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The audio compilation area is already noticably different from the data area, as there is a track list opposed to a folder/file view combination at the bottom. Even if you make the wrong choice, there is no harm done as you can just switch to the other mode if necessary. I do not like having any further "confirmation dialogs".

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