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Creating a Windows 7 boot disk

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Guest 4eAlex

Is there a way to create a Win7 boot CD/DVD from the C: drive ?

I've spent 2 days trying to do this using the CDBxp instructions.

Make disk bootable --enabled

Path = C:\Boot.ima

No Nt emulation option

ISO Level 1 and No restriction option

Load Segment 07C0, Sec 1 and 4

In addition Load Segment 0, sec 4

Disabled ISO (;1)

Although the CD icon changes to blue and shows a boot disk, computer won't boot and shows a blinking cursor.

In addition, DISK I/O error message appears when booting.

Thank you for your solution.

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The following parameters were used:

Make Disk Bootable --Enabled

Path = C:\Boot.ima

2.88MB FDD Emulation----Enabled

ISO Level 1

Load Segment 07C0, Sec 1

ISO (;1)------Disabled

The system finally booted with the burned DVD in win98 command mode ( with 2.88MB FDD emulation setting )

But what good is this bootable disk when you cannot access your C: or USB drive ?

Furthermore you can't run most DOS commands (Like scandisk on drive C:)

And the 4GB DVD drive is recognized as a 2.88MB FDD with 1.4MB free space!

How is creating a win98 boot disk related to win7 boot disk?

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I needed to reformat my old computer and install a fresh version of windows but all I have is a folder on my hard disk with all the installation files on it.

I initially burned this on a dvd from an iso source but lost the dvd, good thing I have a backup. Now the problem is, I cant get it to function as a bootable drive. I have tried playing with the settings and still the same result. It was easy to do it on an ISO but not when you copy it from a direct source.

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If I understood you correctly, your best option would be to run a Windows repair setup (using your Windows setup disc). This won't delete your personal files but make your computer boot again.

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