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Zero length audio tracks

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CDBurnerXP v

Windows Vista 64bit SP 2

I have been digitizing some of my old vinyl records using Audacity software (v1.3.13). Track labels were inserted at appropriate places, marking the start of each audio track. However, I added a track label as a place holder about 2 seconds ahead of an existing track label.

The audio file was exported in .wav 16bit format where each track label split the larger audio file into individual .wav files. In this case, 23 wav files were created including the "place holder" file with a length of less than 2 seconds. The other wav files were of normal lengths of 1 ½ to 6 minutes in length. The "place holder" file was track number 14.

When attempting to burn an audio CD, with all the separate files selected, using CDBurnerXP, the burn process aborted about half way through. This happened several times and the reported reason was the general "bad CD".

After realizing that the very short track (less than 2 seconds) might be the problem, I then deleted this track and the burn process worked without any difficulty whatsoever.

I certainly can't call this problem a bug because of the unusual length of the audio track in this particular case. On the other hand, it would be helpful to know the minimum track length limits to avoid wasting good, blank CDs.

CDBurnerXP is excellent software and I'm most appreciative of the efforts to created the program. Thanks very much.

Regards, Pat

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Thanks so much for the follow-up. Attached is the StarBurn.log file you requested. The only difference between the previous failures and this one, is that I used a RW CD rather than a R CD. The same failure occured at what appears to be the same place in the burn process. Thanks again.

Regards, Pat


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Thanks. There will soon be a version of CDBurnerXP with an updated burning library, maybe that already fixes your issue, otherwise I am going to forward your info to the StarBurn developers.

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