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Error: number of files does not match expected file count

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I've just made two bootable DVD's, each with 2 large files (2GB each) and two small files (and of course whatever is on my boot image). Verification in both cases generated this error


The data has been written correctly to the disc, but the number of files does not match the expected file count. Most likely, the file system structure has not been written correctly and some files will not appear on the disc.

Expected file count: 5

Actual file count: 4

And indeed all 4 of my intended files seem to be on the disc.

I'm running version under XP. The job is set to use Disc at Once, Finalize and Verify. My disc names are 9 characters long, all alpha-numeric. The file names are all 8 + 3.

These discs are computer recovery discs, so after I finish the third disc in the set, I may just try restoring a computer to see if the files seem to be OK in reality.

I see that there are a couple other threads on this problem:



But at a quick glance it doesn't look like a cause was found.

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I said that the file names were all 8 + 3, but that was only a reference to the simplicity of the actual names. The DVD file system is ISO 9660 (Level 2) / Joliet.

I can now add that the problem is more than a verification false-positive. I tried to do a restore from the completed disc set and Ghost reports a problem with the integrity of the image file. I don't know yet whether the image file picked up the problem during burning or whether the original image saved to an external hard drive already had such an integrity problem.

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I ran Ghost's Check utility on the image files on the external hard drive which was my initial destination for the image backup: no errors. I did the same on the image files burned to DVD’s: no errors.

But before burning the DVD's, I had copied the external hard drive files to my desktop's local drive (different PC than the one I was imaging) to help assure a smooth burn. I wanted to run a Ghost Check on those files, but because the optical drive on the desktop is SATA and the Ghost CD didn't support booting to SATA, I skipped that check.

But I did burn one more DVD using the files on my desktop local drive, this time to a different brand disc. This one failed with a different verification error message, something "could not find the destination file" (on the DVD).

But then I replaced the DVD drive on the machine which I wanted to restore using the image set, and tried the restore again using the set of discs I referred to originally, and this time it completed without error.

As of this moment, this was an unsatisfying experiment with too many variables not under control and an indefinite conclusion. It looks like I had a defective DVD drive on the machine I was trying to restore. It seems also that CDBurnerXP had some sort of a problem with the files I was burning, but the the file count mismatch errors produced in the original set of discs were not enough to prevent the discs from being functional.

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