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Audio Track # by Tags Problem

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If the ID3 tag for an audio file is in the format xx/yy where xx is the track and yy is to total number of tracks, CDBurnerXP gives a value of "0" in the track # field. This, of course, makes it impossible to sort tracks by #, very important when recording an album.

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Most MP3 encoders allow the track portion of the ID3 tag to be stored in the track #/total number of tracks format. Also, much of the purchased music from Amazon and other sources come that way. From http://www.id3.org/id3v2.3.0:

TRCK - The 'Track number/Position in set' frame is a numeric string containing the order number of the audio-file on its original recording. This may be extended with a "/" character and a numeric string containing the total numer of tracks/elements on the original recording. E.g. "4/9".

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If I use this app, the track number and the number of total tracks are written to separate fields, and CDBurnerXP correctly shows the track number in the list.


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