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Greetings everyone,

To put it shortly, I am unable to burn audio disks. Been trying for the passed two days, I get some error called "internal SDK error". I check my disc info and it says that the CD I've inputted is not bootable. I've previously worked these same brand CDs, so I don't know why they've stopped working. I tried a solution I found in one of the forums, I had the same driver as one of the members, but it was to no avail. Specifically, I tweaked my SATA Operation Mode (in BIOS) hoping it'd work and I'd be able to burn audio CD but got nothing. Like I've said, I've been using CDBURNERXP in the passed, with Memorex CD-Rs, and it worked perfectly fine... I just recently updated the software and now it won't work... It's not the driver itself as I can watch DVDs, and read CDs just fine. WHAT IS IT.

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