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repeated burning error

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Hi all,

I have repeated problem while burning dvd with the latest version of CDBurner XP.

Every other dvd, at the end of the burning process, I get a Burning error (see attached screenshot).

I never had such bad luck, 50% of my dvd end up in the bin.

Any idea what I could do to fix that?

Thank you in advance



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Would it be too much effort to let us know the name of the manufacturer, and if DVD+R, DVD-R, DVD-DL and so on?

The error message is clear: bad material or incompatible to drive (which drive?)

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Hello, I too am getting the same error window. I was originally burning cd's with my Windows Media Player and then one day it suddenly stopped halfway through the process. I realized that I also couldn't edit any info either. I figured out that my computer had changed it's date somehow. I fixed that and could again edit. But still couldn't burn. So I downloaded the CDBurner XP...

But I'm still having problems with burning...So I'm assuming it's my computer? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


I have Windows XP

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That's the same error I got (http://forum.cdburnerxp.se/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=11159). I eventually figured out that a slightly slower burn speed solved the problem (8 of 8 tries at 48x failed, and worked 5 of 5 tries at 40x).

Since CDBurnerXP defaults to burning at the max speed I originally had to:

- burn a disc that would fail,

- eject old disc an insert new disc

- change burn speed from 48x to 40x

- successfully burn a disc.

Then I figured out how to set the burn speed without having to burn a bad disc first:

- add files,

- click burn,

- of 3 options select last one (don't have it here at work, something like "Set advanced options"),

- change burn speed from 48x to 40x, and click "Finalize disc",

- then burn it, and it successfully burned.

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