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CDBurnerXP update:

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A new version of CDBurnerXP has been released yesterday. This version features primarily two changes:

- Updated DVD-Video burning capability: Simplifies burning video DVDs a little and in particular shows this functionality in the startup screen.


- New MSI installer (based on WiX) with better deployment capabilities.

Important here: Remove any previous version of CDBurnerXP before using the new MSI installer.

Unfortunately, I still could not include the latest StarBurn burning library for some additional bugfixes, since there is still an issue with audio burning that needs to be resolved.

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Installation of the MSI on XP Professional fails because of the NMSAccess Installation.

Interestingly, the filedate of the newly installed NMSAccessU.exe is 2009/12/01, whereas the same file on a installation is dated 2010/04/03.

Also NMSDVDXU.dll has different sizes on these installations.

If I replace both files on the 2762 instalation with those of the 2631 version, everything seems to work.

Tested on two independent machines on XP SP3, seems to work on W7 64bit.

Of course I did an uninstall of version 2631 on the XP machines.

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CDBurnerXP on Windows XP Home Ed. Version 2002 / Service Pack 3

Recently installed latest version after a total overhaul of my PC and operating system.

Issue: on program startup, it skips Startup Screen and jumps directly to Data Disc

Setting is on "Remember Previous Project Type" or something similar...all I ever do is burn Audio Discs, so if it is going to jump directly to something other than the Startup Screen, shouldn't it be to Audio Disc...I'd rather not have it jump to anything and let me choose from the Startup Screen, as it was with the earlier version I used...

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Then just turn off the setting, or go into audio mode once, it will then remember the last used project type as the name implies.

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Hi, I've just updated to version and according to CDburnerXP notes I should be seeing CD Text i.e. I believe this to mean, Music Title, Album Name and Artist (if appropriate fields completed). However, nothing??? Just track 1 ... and unknown artist appear.


Am I missing something in the program setup?


Your best advise will be much appreciated ....



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