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File added to a multisession DVD not performed

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Well, in any case such issues will be elimated in version 4.5 of CDBurnerXP. It will take a few more months until I can release a beta, but it will be more reliable in this regard.

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perloc on 14 Nov 2011 wrote:

When I add a file and check "Verify" and hit the Burn key, all goes well till after the verifying I get the message:


The data has been written correctly to the disk, but the number of files does not match the expected file count. Most likely, the file system structure has not been written correctly and some files will not appear to the disk.

Expected file count 1061

Actual file count 1060

Just for your info, the same exact thing happened to me with version today (26 Nov 2011).

I had about 405 files in the 'root' directory of a DVD+R disc, which I had successfully burned during 3 different sessions, each time leaving the disc open. I wanted to add 132 more files to the disc in a 4th session, and keep the disc open (though it would be almost full, only about 60 Mb free of 4.7 Gb total disc size remaining after the burn). I picked the 'Let me choose advanced settings' option to allow the adjustment of entries prior to burning, and insured that the disc would be 'Session at Once (add more files later)', and that the check box for 'Finalize disc' was unchecked.

The burn proceeded normally, and verified OK, and then I received the message regarding the 'number of files does not match the expected file count'. The Actual file count was 132 files less than the Expected file count. The data compilation screen showed the files I had added, but the 'burned' icon symbol had not changed on the bottom portion of the window, as if the files I added had not been burned. Moreover, the graphic bar on the bottom of the data compilation screen indicated that if I were to proceed with another burn attempt, I would exceed the size of the DVD by several hundred megabytes. This indicated to me that the free space I had prior to the burn was gone, but the files I had added did not register with CDBurnerXP. When I checked the control-I Disc information screen, it showed the 4th session at the bottom, as if everything had burned correctly.

At this point, I thought there was some problem with closing the session improperly, and so went to this forum, finding this topic. I wanted to verify the type of disc I had used, so opened the drive tray to check. (The DVD was a DVD+R, 4.7 Gb capacity.) When I closed the drive tray I received the prompt asking whether to continue the old session, or start a new one (losing everything on the disc!), and I chose to continue the old session. When I checked, CDBurnerXP's compilation screen now showed the disc correctly, as the newly added files were all there with the 'burned' icon before each file. The graphic bar showed the correct size, with the bar extending correctly to just shy of the disc's full capacity.

Strangely, Vista's Windows Explorer showed a completely full disc when I checked the disc's properties from the right-click context menu, with no free space at all. That may be due to Explorer's attempt to round the information to display it on the pie chart. CDBurnerXP's Disc information (Ctrl-I) screen shows 60.47 Mb Free space (as expected), a File system of 'ISO9660 / Joliet' (though Disc - File System on the menu shows that it is set to 'ISO9660/UDF/Joliet'), and that the 'Disc is open: Yes'. (I'm not messing with the disk further to verify if the free space is really there, or if Windows Explorer is right!)

I suspect that CDBurnerXP has a bug, and I'm not hopeful that the current version ( will fix it, after reading all the comments in this thread. It appears to me that the disc was not refreshed properly after the burn, and so did not show the correct status of the disc until I opened then closed the tray. However, I do not recall this happening after the first three sessions, so I'm not sure what triggered this to happen with the 4th session.

I've taken the trouble to document this in detail in the hope that this occurrence is investigated and fixed.


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