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Internal drive not recongised

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I have just installed 64 bit Windows 7 on my computer. Now when I installed CDBurnerXPx64 (I have tried the 32bit version as well) It will not recongise the internal DVD drive ( It is a TSSTcorp CDDVDW TS-L633C ATA Device). As suggested I have installed NERO, it will still NOT recongise the drive (D). When I plug an External USB DVD rewrite drive into the USB port it is recongised straight away and it burns discs perfectly. CDBurnerXP works perfectly on an old Laptop computer running Windows 7 32bit. I have tried all the things listed on your help page but with no success! I am misified CAN YOU PLEASE HELP.


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Thats strange, thats the exact same drive that I use on my Gateway Laptop and it works fine. What I think is that you probably unchecked the drive in the Win7 setup, you should check if your drive is detected by your computer, meanwhile I'm going to check some of my setings. Please read this again to see if you didn't miss anything. Drive FAQ & Help guide

Heres how it looks like:

Windows 7(64bit) Pro, Intel Pentium i7, 4,0GB RAM, 320GB Dual Core.



This drive is working correctly.

Install date: 2001-07-01

Drive version: 5.1.2535.0

Digital Signature: Microsoft Windows Publisher


Drive files:







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Hi Joey. Thanks for trying to help. As I said i have installed NERO and the drive is detected by nero and works as it should. The only program which does not detect the drive is CDBurnerXp, I have tried other free and trial burners and they all work. CDBurner detects a USB drive and works fine. should I try altering the drive letter of the internal disc drive, it is D at the moment. I have been to drive details and it is reported as working correctly.

Thanks Stuart1941

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Hi Joey, It's Stuart1941again. I have been doing some more testing and I have noticed that CDBurnerXp will recongise the internal drive under certain conditions, i.e. if I click on AudioCD, Burn ISO, etc the internal drive is recongised, but NOT when I click to burn DATA disc's. Also I have noticed that it will not let me burn Video DVD's.

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