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CDBXPP portable fails to burn large files

Guest YehudaM

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Guest YehudaM

trying to burn DVD-r with 5 files (1.5G total) and big files were burnt incorrectly.

one file is 450Mbyte and the other file is 1Gbyte (50Mbyte file was burnt ok).

there were NO crc errors but comparing the files on cd to the original files found differences.

configuration used on cdbxpp are all default.

windows xp sp3

cdbxpp (portable)

default configuration on all parameters (+finalize disk)

.NET 3.5

any ideas ?


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Guest YehudaM

Good morning,

when comparing the file on CD and the original file (binary compare of byte by byte)

some bytes does not have the same value on CD and on the original file.

i didn't write down the location (offset) of the bytes from file start

so i can't tell if it happened in specific places on the file.

Hope i helped

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I can only assume that the hardware is a problem. I am not aware of issues with single byte errors otherwise, as just one byte error might actually corrupt an executable for compressed file, and I did not get any such reports yet.

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