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Wrong playback of burnt mp3 CD-R´s

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Hi all,

I use CDBXP/Ashampoo now, mostly good quality Verbatim CD-R, and both on my car CD/mp3 player and Yamaha set, I notice very often that some CD´s:

playback does not even start, but time counts

some tracks are skipped (regardless the position, even at the beginning)

some tracks have very frequent silence gaps (0.5-5 s), every 5-20 seconds

even here between the two players are differences, they do not react in the same way with on disc, I described the problem just in general

If I use computer CD/DVD mechanics, they are 100% OK.

I still have very old discs (Verbatim, I think super AZA in different colors) that were recorded some 8 years ago using Nero 6, and they play with no problem. I only know that Nero in many cases when the track name was too long, had a message it must be shorten (to fit Joliet)-CDBXP never gives this message and burns all (but maybe cuts at max available...)

I use almost all mp3 encoders-Lame, FHF, GoGo, Blade, Xing, with bitrate from 128 upt to 320, VBR and CBR

Can this be caused by burner used?

Can the depth of the folder tree also play the role? (I usually use: Name-number of the CD/Artist/Year album name/tracknumber track

I also noticed that if in the folders, on the level of tracks, there are also some pictures jpg or text files, this may influence the playback defects.

Any advice is highly appreciated.

Cheers, Akeygon

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No, but I tried to remove txt and jpg files that were in folders on the same level like mp3 tracks, and this helped (but I did not listen the whole CD, but before it did not even start playbacking...). Further experience in car mp3 player next weeks/months. Nero had a filter for burning audio files only, Ashampoo also-but there it doesn´work and these non-audion files are burnt also-if you don´t delete them manually...

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