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This is a follow-up to my jpeg question. Here's what's happening:

- I have pictures on my thumb drive (L). They have been directly downloaded there from sources on the Web

- I start a new DVD with the source as (L)

- I add the pictures from the top box where each is identified under properties as (L), etc.

- When I right click on the picture in the bottom box and show properties, it shows the source of that picture as ©, etc.

No wonder, when I try to burn a disc from my L drive (a thumb drive), the program can't find the picture. WHY is it doing this????

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The pictures will be located on C, because CDBXP caches these files on the local disc for burning. You can turn that off in the settings if necessary. Point of this is that you can burn the pictures even if you eject your thumb drive.

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Hmmm....well, that made sense. So under File - Options, I checked the custom folder button and inserted L

That seemed fine, I saved that and when I re-opened, it still said L.

BUT, I re-compiled the DVD, adding each file. Each one now gave L as its source - no longer C. OK. Saved the compilation. Then re-opened it and it says it can't find the filed, listing each with its L location.

Did I neglect something?

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Found one last step - apparently under Data Options, you need to clear the "Automatically cache files from removable media".

I think all is well at last. We'll see tomorrow when I try to burn the disc. Thanks for your help.

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Thanks for your help. I did set the custom folder as "L" before I read your reply and that didn't cause any problem, but I'll change that back next time. Thanks again.

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