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[X] Win2003 Server SP1 Can't burn DVD with 4GB RAM

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We have servers that are Win2003 SP1 with multi-core CPU and 4GB RAM. We're unable to burn a DVD (-r or +r) if there is 4GB RAM in the server. When we removed 2GB RAM from the server, it worked just fine. Can anyone tell me if they have seen this type of problem or suggest next steps?



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Initial error was a system error code 597. (devNTSPTI_IO_ERROR Could not write to disk.)

Note: We are NOT using nForce IDE drivers on these servers. We have tried -r and +r media. The only way we can get it to work is by removing 2GB RAM that was from a memory upgrade a couple years back. Unfortunately, we really need that RAM in the system for applications running on the server. The number of servers is in the hundreds.

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I also tried to change the SPTD value and got the following results:

1. When CDBurnerXP is started, and error message is displayed saying that it was not installed correctly. The program does start, but is very slow.

2. The burn attempt failed with the same error message.

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Oh, I just noticed something. You only get this issue when burning data discs, it probably does not happen when burning ISO images? devNTSPTI_IO_ERROR is an error that only exists in the Numedia Soft burning library, I'm afraid we can't fix this issue currently. Version 4.5 will get a new burning library that will not suffer from this problem.

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