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hello and thanks gor the good job

under XP sp3 with bass24 up do date

trying to burn audio cd

sometimes i got the cd error screen (no cd in drive or short time cd)

this feature with the error screen is ok

it comes when i forget to put a cd

or if i have VBR mp3 that failed bass24 to compute the good duration and says 200 min needed for a 700 mo CD...

(but this is an encoding matter not a cdburner matter ;-)

if you eject the cd to put a good one it sometimes go fine but sometimes freeze

BUT if you use the escape button it always freeze

you never go back to cdburner main screen

cdburner is freezing and after a few minutes it crashs by itself

it is not a major bug as you can start it again and make again a new project

and it will go fine if you don't fall into the cd error screen

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