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How do I burn a Blu-ray video?

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I am a new user of CDBurnerXP (version I have used it to burn a DVD video, but I can't seem to figure out how to burn a Blu-ray video.

To burn a DVD video, I select 'Video DVD' and point it to the VIDEO_TS folder. No problem. However, to burn a Blu-ray video, I would expect to point it to a BDMV folder, but I can't seem to find any place to do that.

I'd appreciate any advice on this topic. Thanks!

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I may have figured it out from a previous discussion topic. It appears that the steps to create a Blu-ray video are entirely different than the steps to create a DVD video. To create a DVD video, you select 'Video DVD' from the launch window and you get a fairly intuitive interface. However, to create a Blu-ray video, you select 'Data disc', which launches the more "file-centric" interface, in which you drag and drop file to the compilation. The somewhat unnerving part of this is that it is not clear what files are needed to make a valid Blu-ray video; i.e., one that will actually play in a Blu-ray player. Do I copy over the entire BDMV folder or some subset of the files?

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