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XPBURNER BUG - Diferent files with same name get overwrited

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I notice wen I burned a DVD with a file, they had a huge name. XP BURNER Told me about that and made me a notification

that he would change the file names (to capital letters ONLY Still keeping the same file name size)

After I burn and "verify after burning" he said he was expecting 6 files and the disk only had 5. (And this was true wen I checked for my self)

What happen? The program it self did not warned me that he would limit the name of my files. I had 2 files before burning

one with a lower resolution and one with Higher Resolution with distint sizes. Since they bouth got changed to the same name, 1 of them(randomly)

vanished! (I bruned the same copy 2x and it stated the fact its RANDOM) one file had nearly 500MB the other one had 1.2G in each of the disk's

Note: All files where in the same foulder.

Here is a summe up of what happen:

The original Files name's before burning:



After Burning:



Now 1 file missing, I turned my disk upsidedown and they are Indeed burned alright but I only get 1 of them avaible. Now I got 2 dvd's

a like with 1 files with same name and diferent sizes(in this case is related to the qualility of the video) in each disk.

Shouldn't XP BURNER AUTO-ASSUME that 2 identical files should be RE-NAMED and at THE VERY LEAST Rename them for something like...?

ex: [sakurai]_Black_Lagoon_-_Roberta's_Blood_Trail_-_05_[FINAL]


I would not mind if this had happened, but becouse IT DID NOT HAPPEN, I was forced to burn a 3rd DVD... and change the name by my self.

Can you guys fix this? Thankyou and a happy new year.

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Usually CDBXP will rename files with longer filenames correctly, but apparently didn't do so in this case. I think we will have some improvements there for version 4.5 of CDBXP, but no sooner.

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