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Problem with registration

Guest Paul23

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well, i've had a couple of issues with that too. i was able to read captcha, but with firefox, the registration didn't worked, neither the account validation. as last resource, i've tried IE9 and it worked. oh yes, if by any reason you type an wrong captcha, you will not see it again, unless you submit anyway and then you will have the same page, but with captcha

oh yes: i was unable to log with firefox as well. as it may be an issue from my current location, i will try again from another one, as soon as possible


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at my work too. so, probably the problem with that was related to something at my home. perhaps my firewall or even adblock plus is creating issues. the funny thing is that i also have it at my work to avoid messages like "the policy about..." and that doesn't bother here. but no problem, i will look further


edit: i've tested at home again. same problem. i've disable adblocker, disabled certain features from my router and also KIS 2011. no effect. but now at least i'm sure that is an issue at my configuration, at least


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yep, without any worries. it also works fine with the first attempt to register. i've toke 3 screens of the issue:

1st attempt:


2nd attempt:


3rs attempt:


i've removed my alternate email from all those images. in the first one, captcha loaded ok, was typed ok and then i've hit submit. the next page says that the form is invalid and asks to try again, but that one doesn't have captcha. after hit submit again, the user gets the same message, plus an warning that captcha was incorrect (but the previews page didn't had that).

sorry about typo issues. i still didn't figured what is happening that doesn't allow login with firefox 9.01. with IE9, i don't have any speelchecker to be sure that i'm typing right


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