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I attempted to burn Linuxmint 64-bit edition of KDE with CDBurnerXP, and it wouldn't burn correctly. The API hanged during the burning process, and the disc wasn't useable. I did an MD5 checksum of the file before it was burned, and it came back ok. So I am wondering if something is wrong with Version of CDBurnerXP 64-bit edition. Has anyone tried the 32-bit edition? I am afraid to upgrade to it on my desktop without knowing more.


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Yeah, language PT-BR doesn't apply. It appears in English instead.

I try to edit the file "cdbxpp.resources.dll" inside the folder "pt-BR" and foud that it IS in English.

I'm using the pt-PT (Portugal) at this moment (sad).

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download link for linux mint x64: Download Linux Mint 12 Lisa

as for the pt-br translation, look for an old version, like one from 12/2011 and deploy it. look into C:\Program Files\CDBurnerXP\pt-BR and make an copy of that dll. after that, deploy the latest version and replace the file that comes with it, if the proper translation isn't in place. the x64 dll doesn't work for x86. so, locate the same version that you are about to deploy. i've did that and it's working, except by a few issues in the translation. that shall work until an new and fixed build fix the issue


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