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Problems burning FLAC

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Hi, I am getting strange problems when burning FLAC files. One starts, then fails saying the error is usually caused by poor quality media. Converted the files to WAV it burns fine. The second disk starts, then asks for a disk with 120mins free space, if I convert the tracks to WAV they burn fine and total length is only 50odd minutes.

It's a New BluRay drive in a laptop, DS-6E2SH if that helps. Dell XPS 15 running win 7 64bit.

Any ideas?

Cheers :)

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Hi, Sorry about the delay.

It's any flac files, I have tried a couple of albums that are in Flac and it goes mental with both of them! I convert them to Wav and they burn fine.

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Then please send in at least a single FLAC file. I can't fix anything without some data. Also tell me the exact version of CDBurnerXP you are using.

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