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1. During setup, you are asked whether or not to install this additional software. So that's your choice. It's not installed by default without your explicit consent.

2. I tried installing and uninstalling this software myself. Including user interactions, it takes approx. 20 seconds to uninstall completely.

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Guest Tony

First, it uses the Next, Next thing to hoodwink you into installing it. You think you are agreeing to the terms and conditions...no, you are installing something completely new.

Secondly no it doesn't take 30 seconds:

More like 30 minutes at least, and that is if you are computer literate.


1. Updates all search engines on all browsers (4 in my case) to default to Babylon/ Linkury with an add-on

2. This updates URL searches, search bars and the toolbar itself.

For e.g the Mozilla URL search is a reg setting; try "uninstalling" that.

Uninstalling it using Control Panel does not work. Just Google "Linkury" to see the issue.

I ended up doing a system restore.

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Clicking "next" alone will not install any software.

For e.g the Mozilla URL search is a reg setting; try "uninstalling" that.

Indeed, the control panel uninstall does only seem to remove it from IE. Removing it from Firefox does not require registry settings though. You can remove the addon through the Firefox addon manager, you can remove the search provider in "manage search engines" and you can change the browser startup page in the settings. I will ask if it's possible that the uninstall procedure removes the addon from all browsers at the same time, it shouldn't just uninstall from one.

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Guest Tom

Comes with Linkury malware which takes 30 minutes to get ridge of

They offer an installer that doesn't ask you to install other software, click on downloads in the bar across the top, click on more download options, then select either the 32 bit or the 64 bit "Default Installer (Without OpenCandy)"

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