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Problem with skip issues.

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Hello, first time poster. I have used the burner alot and have a lot of sucess. However, I have a problem that I cannot figure out.

When I play a cd that I have burned, and if I want to skip from track one to track five. It will not advance.

I am using Memorex cdr's and thought maybe they were the problem, I contacted them and they said it might be the cd burner.

I wonder if anyone would have an opinion on this?

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Hello Joey, not sure how I would do that, being 76+ I have not learned a lot about these issues so any advice you can give me I would appreciate

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Yes sir, it does. Maybe I am not clear. Using my rca cd player, if I am listening on track #2 and wish to go to track#5, when I push on the arrow to advance. I might mention again. I can take a cd that is an original and I can advance from track 2 to 5. Using Memorex cd-r's they will not advance, so I don't know it is the cd or the burner

Thanks for your interest

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Well its interesting to see that seniors have an interest in CDBXP, if the disc works fine on Windows Media Player or whatsoever disc reading software you use then it should work on your RCA Audio System. Have you ever played burned discs with your RCA System? If so does it read, play and skip tracks like it should? If not maybe you should try another burned disc to make shure its not your RCA System that doesn't read CDBXP Burned Discs properly, in wich case your disc may have failed to be burned properly or CDBXP is at fault in some way.

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Thanks, the cd's I burn play through my wm player fine. I ask you this, when the cd is playing in WM I cannot advance a track as well. At the bottom there are two errors one to press and hold to rewind and then press and hold to fast forward. I'm sure you folks might know that problem as well

The problem I'm having with my trying to move from one track to another, does not work on my three cd player's.

Yes I have an interest in this type of learning, I figure you are never to old to learn.

However, sometimes whe I start to get up, I stop in mid-air then I cannot remember whether I was getting up or sitting down,

Thanks again, you folks are polite ready to help.

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