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I am using CdBurnerXP on Windows 7 Ultimate 64Bit with no problems and bugs and nearly for more than a year, thanks for that.

I have a Asus DRW 24b3ST Sata driver connected and its capable of burning media at 24X speed, or so its advertised. I use Verbatim 16X DVD+R's mostly.

Unfortunately there is no media i can reach which is certified for more than 16X speed, and i think CDBurnerXP doesnt allow any higher speed than media's spec, so I cant see any speed higher than 16X.

I know the risks and just want to give a try to burn a media at higher speeds, 18,20,24 whatever... If there is anyway of bypassing this speed limit by media let me know ( registry,ini etc, i am used to these..)


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I am not quite informed about the technical build of CDBXP, but indeed there is a regualtion that will not let CDBXP burn faster than the media's spec.

You may want to ask the Developers about this, Florian or Judas might be able to answer you. In other words, thank you for using CDBXP!

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Guest Thomas Lange

I use the last version of CDBurner XP 64bit. The burner is iHAS24 B, Windows 7Prof 64bit. If I will burn a file what is bigger than 1Disk (2 or 3 or moor) the programme distributes it to several DVD.

I select 8-fold burn speed. The first DVD is burnt at right speed. After the disc is changed, the next burn go on with full speed (22X), and I cannot change it. WHY???

Greetings Tom

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